Eterno GMT Collection

GMT watches are historically connected to aviation and international travel. Wearing one branded one as a traveler, someone who crossed the meridian lines and explored exotic corners of the world. They gained popularity in parallel to the greater volume of air traffic in the 1940s and 1950s, when more and more flights led though several time zones. Today, the GMT second time zone is one of the most popular watch complications and one of the few useful for day-to-day use.

Simultaneously monitor time home and away—a fair, practical definition but perhaps a bit straightforward. The real concept of here and there is complicated, and the thrill felt when surging down the runway to takeoff is much more exciting.

The latest introduction to the ETERNO collection, ETERNO GMT shares the same case body as existing ETERNO CHRONO. Measuring 43mm, constructed of 316L (stainless steel) with amazing surface manipulation - mixed brushed, polished, and sandblasted finishes. Tightly ratcheting unidirectional GMT bezel with full ceramic inlay—a first in our collection and perhaps in our price category.

A custom-themed pattern can be found on the screw-down crown system and push buttons as well as the multilayer dial—creating a gradient of total synergy. While subtle touches of quality, such as full sapphire crystal, SuperLuminova, and handcrafted, mixed material suede leather and genuine rubber straps, maintain expectations for craftsmanship, quality, and opulence.

Eterno GMT Collection

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