Eterno Chrono Collection

Italian style is organic. Italy is a country intrinsically appreciative of beauty. The importance of “la bella figura” — making the right impression - remains deeply felt across age and social barriers. This innate, eternal instinct distinguishes their style and feeds a desire to unite colors and materials into a model of coherence where MADE TO MEASURE and subtle details make all the difference. They update and modify but don’t change the essentials of what they do style, not fashion.

At the core of every successful brand there is a signature style - obvious, identifiable metonyms of unique brand identity and an irrefutable signature personality.

At our core is inaugural collection “ETERNO” - eternity - CHRONO, a brilliant disaggregation of classic Italian style, a rearrangement of elements into a wholly new look. The perfect balance of proportion, emotion and surprise.

As eternity is a potentially infinite count or future span of time, ETERNO CHRONO is an inexhaustible element or series now in its second modernization.

Carved from 316L (stainless steel), ETERNO CHRONO is heavy with the weight of tradition and at 43mm with amazing surface manipulation - mixed brushed, polished, and sandblasted finishes - the impact comes not just from the medium but also the message.

A custom-themed pattern can be found on the screw-down crown system and push buttons, outer bezel as well as the multilayer dial - creating a gradient of total synergy. While subtle touches of quality, such as full sapphire crystal, SuperLuminova and handcrafted, mixed material leather and genuine rubber straps, maintain expectations for craftsmanship, quality, and opulence.

Eterno Chrono Collection

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